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When Mr Kerman met Marco Maria, they both worked in that Gelateria. Dave said: «I wanna be in a band again». Marco icecoldly replied: «I’m in so many, I need a nanny anyway».

Nahtanoj, who loved icecream, stood beside waiting for a chance to order that famous Stracciatella in a cornetto: «Hey guys, I know that weirdo from Kindergarden, who was shy as a glass of milk, but now he seems to have turned into a fucking narcissist. I think he would make a good frontman. I play the guitar, by the way.»

That’s how «Dave From Hollywood» was born.

And they sound like they were founded when a scoop of icecream was ordered by an impatient guitarist from an experienced rhythm section slaving away as Gelaterists:

Fucking cool and slightly nervous.

Gitarre spielt der Jonathan, zuvor bei den "Strozzini", singen tut Sebučki von "Dexter Doom & The Loveboat Orchestra" (die beiden waren schon mal im selben cast, in den 90ern, bei Dow Jones), am Kontrabass steht Marco, u.a. auch bei "Sandro P.", "Scratches" und "Judy Birdland" aktiv, und Schlagzeuge ist Mr. Kerman, der einzige Mann, der jemals bei "Les Reines Prochaines" mitspielen durfte, und der auch schon in den 80ern durch Prog-Rock Bands wie "5uu's", "Thinking Plague" oder "Present" zu Bekanntheit gelangte.

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