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When Mr Kerman met Marco Maria, they both worked in that Gelateria. Dave said: «I wanna be in a band again». Marco icecoldly replied: «I’m in so many, I need a nanny anyway».

Nahtanoj, who loved icecream, stood beside waiting for a chance to order that famous Stracciatella in a cornetto: «Hey guys, I know that weirdo from Kindergarden, who was shy as a glass of milk, but now he seems to have turned into a fucking narcissist. I think he would make a good frontman. I play the guitar, by the way.»

That’s how «Dave From Hollywood» was born.

And they sound like they were founded when a scoop of icecream was ordered by an impatient guitarist from an experienced rhythm section slaving away as Gelaterists:

Fucking cool and slightly nervous.

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June 2019